High Bridge, NJ

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High Bridge, NJ, is a captivating borough boasting a storied past, stunning natural landscapes, and a warm, tight-knit community. Its strategic position in Hunterdon County, combined with excellent transportation access, renders it a desirable locale for living and working.

Featuring highly-regarded public schools, ample recreational activities, and a variety of popular landmarks, High Bridge provides an exceptional quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

History: Ironworks and the Birth of High Bridge

Established in the 1740s by William Allen and Joseph Turner of Philadelphia, the ironworks utilized the water from the South Branch of the Raritan River as a valuable power source. The iron industry continued to thrive throughout the years, and the establishment of the Taylor Wharton Iron and Steel Company in the 19th century further solidified the borough’s importance as an industrial center.

High Bridge was officially incorporated as a township in 1871, and later as a borough in 1898. The borough derived its name from the 112-foot-high bridge constructed by the Central Railroad of New Jersey in 1859, which spanned the Raritan River.

Throughout the years, High Bridge has maintained its historical charm while evolving into a vibrant community. The borough has meticulously preserved numerous historical landmarks, such as the Solitude House, with origins dating back to the early 1700s, serving various roles including a tavern, inn, and private residence.

High Bridge’s rich history remains evident through its scenic landscapes, recreational trails, and the conservation of its historic sites, all contributing to the borough’s distinctive allure and charm.

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Population & Demographics

In 2020, High Bridge, NJ was home to 3,460 residents, boasting a median age of 44.5 and a median household income of $96,029.The population saw a slight decrease from 2019 to 2020, with a 1.14% decline. The borough is primarily English-speaking, with no households reporting a non-English language as their primary shared language at home. A majority of the residents, 90%, are U.S. citizens.

Ethnic GroupPercentage
White (Non-Hispanic)75.2%
Asian (Non-Hispanic)10.3%
White (Hispanic)8.84%
Black or African American (Non-Hispanic)3.03%
Two+ (Hispanic)1.65%

Geography, Economy & Average Income

High Bridge is located in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and is surrounded by Clinton Township and Lebanon Township. In 2020, High Bridge’s median property value stood at $261,000, accompanied by a homeownership rate of 76.3%. Most residents of High Bridge work in the neighboring areas of North Hunterdon and other parts of the county. The typical commute time in the area is 41.3 minutes, with the majority of residents opting to drive solo to their workplaces. The average car ownership is 2 cars per household.


High Bridge is serviced by the NJ Transit Raritan Valley Line, which provides train service to Newark Penn Station and connections to New York City. The train station, positioned on Main Street, offers a parking lot close by for commuters.


When it comes to education, the High Bridge School District has got it covered. Two schools are in place to provide top-notch education to the young minds of the borough.

High Bridge Elementary School caters to pre-kindergarten through fourth grade, while High Bridge Middle School takes care of fifth through eighth grade. For high school students, the North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High School District has got them covered with Voorhees High School. It is the perfect destination for students in grades 9-12.


Healthcare services for High Bridge residents are available at the Hunterdon Medical Center, a 178-bed hospital located in nearby Flemington, New Jersey. Additionally, several medical practices and clinics are located throughout Hunterdon County for the convenience of residents.

Popular Landmarks

High Bridge is known for its scenic beauty and historical landmarks. A few prominent landmarks in the area are Lake Solitude, a scenic lake formed by the Lake Solitude Dam, and its accompanying breathtaking waterfall. Another popular landmark is the Ken Lockwood Gorge, a beautiful wooded area along the South Branch of the Raritan River that offers fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing opportunities.

The Columbia Trail, extending 16.5 miles through High Bridge and traversing portions of Hunterdon and Morris Counties, offers a tranquil and scenic environment for hikers, bikers, and nature enthusiasts. This trail was once part of the Central Railroad of New Jersey High Bridge Branch and now serves as a valuable recreational resource for the community.

Parks and Recreation

High Bridge boasts several parks and recreational areas for residents and visitors to enjoy. High Bridge’s Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for maintaining and developing these spaces, guaranteeing their beauty and accessibility for all to appreciate.

Union Forge Park, Borough Commons, and the Taylor Steelworkers Historical Greenway are just a few examples of the parks and green spaces available in High Bridge, offering a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, picnicking, and exploring the borough’s rich history.

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