Peapack and Gladstone, NJ

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Nestled within Somerset County, the enchanting borough of Peapack and Gladstone boasts a rich historical heritage, stunning landscapes, and contemporary conveniences. Covering only a handful of square miles, this captivating area in the Somerset Hills region presents an exceptional living experience for its inhabitants, establishing itself as an idyllic haven to settle down in.

The Roots of Peapack and Gladstone

The history of Peapack and Gladstone can be traced back to 1912 when the two towns merged to create a single municipality. The name Peapack is derived from “Peapackton,” a Lenape Native American term signifying the “marriage of the waters” due to the convergence of Peapack Brook and Raritan River.

Alternatively, Gladstone derived its name to honor William Ewart Gladstone, a distinguished former British Prime Minister. Today, the borough is part of the larger New York–Newark–Bridgeport, NY-NJ-CT-PA Combined Statistical Area, nestled within the Raritan Valley region.

Population and Demographics

As of the latest U.S. Census Bureau data, the population of Peapack and Gladstone stands at 2,613. The borough is predominantly White (Non-Hispanic) at 76.5%, followed by White (Hispanic) at 11.9%.

Ethnic GroupPercentage
White (Non-Hispanic)76.5%
White (Hispanic)11.9%
Black or African American (Non-Hispanic)4.42%
Asian (Non-Hispanic)2.59%
Two+ (Non-Hispanic)2.32%

The average household income amounts to $122,321, and the median property value is estimated at $727,400. The poverty rate remains comparatively low at 3.19%, in contrast to the nationwide average of 12.8%.

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The primary industries in Peapack and Gladstone include Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services, Manufacturing, and Finance & Insurance, with Peapack-Gladstone Bank being a key player. The highest-paying industries are Real Estate & Rental & Leasing, Information, and Wholesale Trade.


Peapack and Gladstone are well-connected through major highways and public transportation. The Somerset County Transportation Division offers bus services for residents, while the Gladstone Branch of NJ Transit’s Morris & Essex Lines provides convenient rail access to New York City.


The Somerset Hills School District and Somerset Hills Regional School District serve students in Peapack and Gladstone. The area boasts excellent public schools, which contribute to the high quality of life enjoyed by residents.


Quality healthcare services are accessible to residents through nearby hospitals and medical centers, including:

  • RWJ University Hospital Somerset: A leading medical facility that provides comprehensive healthcare services, including emergency care, surgical services, and specialized treatment programs.
  • Morristown Medical Center: A nationally recognized hospital offering advanced care in cardiology, cancer treatment, orthopedics, and more. Morristown Medical Center is also a major teaching hospital and a part of the Atlantic Health System.
  • Saint Clare’s Hospital: A community-oriented medical facility that provides an extensive array of healthcare services, including emergency assistance, obstetric care, and mental health support. Saint Clare’s Hospital is committed to delivering empathetic and top-quality care to its patients.
  • Hunterdon Medical Center: A non-profit community hospital that serves the healthcare needs of the residents in the surrounding areas. 

Landmarks and Attractions

Peapack and Gladstone offer a range of landmarks and attractions that reflect the borough’s rich history and natural beauty. Some popular landmarks include:

  • Bluebird Farm Alpacas: A charming family-owned farm, where visitors can meet and interact with friendly alpacas. Learn about the history of these fascinating animals, their care, and the sustainable products made from their fleece.
  • Natirar Park: Encompassing over 400 acres, the park entices visitors with its scenic hiking trails, charming picnic spots, and peaceful surroundings. Enjoy the lush greenery, rolling hills, and the historic Natirar Mansion that once belonged to the King of Morocco.
  • Moses Craig Lime Kilns: Built in the 1860s by local farmer Moses Craig, these historic lime kilns stand as a testament to the area’s rich industrial past. The kilns were used to burn limestone, which was then turned into mortar and used in construction.
  • Peapack-Gladstone Farmer’s Market: This lively market showcases the best of local produce, baked goods, and artisanal products. Meet the farmers and makers while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere and supporting the local economy.
  • Lamington River: A picturesque river flowing through the region, the Lamington River offers opportunities for fishing and kayaking. Enjoy a peaceful day surrounded by nature and the soothing sounds of the water.
  • The Raptor Trust: Dedicated to the rehabilitation of injured birds of prey, this facility provides an opportunity to see various raptor species up close. Learn about their importance in the ecosystem and the dedicated work of the Trust in nurturing these magnificent creatures.
  • The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey: Celebrating the works of the world’s greatest playwright, this theater company offers engaging and dynamic productions of Shakespeare’s plays and other classic works. Enjoy an evening of culture and entertainment in a stunning setting.
  • The United States Equestrian Team Foundation: Visit the facility to learn about the sport, see horses training, and attend events showcasing the talents of national athletes.
  • The Jacobus Vanderveer House & Museum: This historic house and museum take visitors on a journey through time, showcasing the region’s history and artifacts. Learn about the Vanderveer family’s contributions to the American Revolution and the development of the local community.
  • Leonard J. Buck Garden: A horticultural gem, this garden boasts an extensive collection of plants, flowers, and trees. Explore the winding paths, discover unique plant species, and enjoy the serenity of this beautifully maintained garden.
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