Jennifer Volpe, DO


Dr. Jenn founded Good Vibe Medical, a multidisciplinary, integrative medical practice located in New Jersey. She is a strong believer in collaborative medicine between the physician and patient to achieve one’s best life. Her medical approach centers around the belief that it is best to build health and prevent disease than treat it once it has already occurred.

Dr. Volpe graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Chemistry and concentration in Biochemistry from Sacred Heart University. She went on to obtain her medical degree on Long Island, New York, where she developed a strong interest in disease prevention and holistic medicine. After completing her residency in Emergency Medicine in New York CIty, where she also served as chief resident, Dr. Volpe began a successful career in community Emergency Medicine. Along her journey in medicine, Dr. Volpe has developed a passion for medical advancements to live one’s best life.

She is board certified in Emergency Medicine, has served as the Director of Emergency Medical Services, and is certified by the prestigious American Academy of Facial Esthetics. Dr. Jenn has completed numerous training courses in medical marijuana and nutritional and vitamin infusion therapy.

Her promise at Good Vibe Medical is to develop treatment plans and provide medical therapies to improve quality of life, combat fatigue, increase mental acuity, and prevent disease.

In her spare time, Dr. Volpe can most often be found at home spending time with her wife, children, and backyard chickens.

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