Does Morpheus8 Melt or Dissolve Facial Fillers?

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Will your facial fillers disappear after Morpheus8? If you’re considering Morpheus8 skin tightening treatment but already have facial fillers like Juvederm or Restylane, a common question we hear from Good Vibe Medical patients is: does Morpheus8 melt filler?

Read on as we cover the important questions around timing, risks, side effects, and results when using Morpheus8 after getting other popular facial fillers.

Does Morpheus8 melt filler?

Morpheus8 utilizes localized radiofrequency energy to heat and tighten skin layers during treatment, which stimulates new collagen growth deep below the surface. However, it does not generate high enough temperatures in the dermis to actually melt hyaluronic acid facial fillers directly.

According to our experience, direct contact between the Morpheus8 microneedling tip and a filler deposit is very unlikely to cause it to dissolve or dissipate due to RF heat exposure. The filler ingredients and viscosity are engineered for stability against such effects.

A study published in the Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine journal highlights the precision of energy delivery in radiofrequency microneedling devices like Morpheus8. This precision facilitates contraction of the dermis, subdermis, and surrounding connective tissue and can induce coagulation of fat while minimizing risks.

As long as standard depth and placement guidelines are followed during injection, the risk of Morpheus8 melting your facial fillers is extremely low.

Does Morpheus8 impact the longevity of dermal fillers?

No, Morpheus8 does not impact the longevity of dermal fillers, even if it’s done periodically.

Patients considering combining Morpheus8 with facial fillers often ask us whether the radiofrequency treatment will reduce the duration of their filler results. Some worry the heating effect may accelerate the absorption or breakdown of the plumping hyaluronic acid gel within the skin.

A study conducted by England et al., as cited in a paper published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), reported no adverse reactions or impact on the residence time of various fillers after multiple passes of radiofrequency (RF) treatment directly over filler-injected skin in an animal model.

Results remained pleasingly intact through the course of RF skin tightening. If anything, some filler effects appear subtly enhanced due to boosted collagen.

As long as proper aftercare is followed, the two modalities work synergistically rather than against each other for visibly smoothed, volumized skin. Consistent with manufacturer guidance, you can expect your filler results to last their normal duration even with Morpheus8 maintenance.

Can Morpheus8 be used in combination with facial fillers?

Yes, Morpheus 8 can be used in combination with facial fillers. At Good Vibe Medical, we commonly perform Morpheus8 on patients who have existing facial fillers with excellent results and no complications, provided proper timing guidelines are followed.

Our experience shows it is generally safe to have Morpheus8 skin tightening treatments after getting dermal filler injections, allowing you to enjoy the unique benefits of both.

We advise waiting at least 2-4 weeks after getting facial fillers injected before starting Morpheus8 treatments. This gives time for the filler to fully settle into position and integrate within the skin layers.

Once settled, the stabilized filler is unlikely to be impacted by RF heating. This recommended waiting period should be followed for natural-looking, long-lasting filler results alongside Morpheus8’s tightening effects.

Can Morpheus8 lead to filler migration or dissolution?

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No, Morpheus8 does not lead to filler migration among our patients. When proper depth and placement protocols are followed by an experienced injector, the risk of filler migration or dissolution from Morpheus8 is very minimal.

The depth at which facial fillers are injected makes a difference. More superficial fillers may be marginally more affected by surface-level RF heating, but still remain stable.

Fillers placed into deeper skin layers are buffered from Morpheus8’s thermal effects, eliminating dissolution or migration risks. As always, direct contact between the Morpheus8 tip and a recent filler injection site should be avoided.

Is there a risk of filler complications with Morpheus8?

Both injectable fillers and Morpheus8 treatments are very low-risk procedures on their own when properly performed. Our cases show combining them does not increase the risks of complications for most patients.

That said, preexisting filler injection sites may experience more pronounced temporary swelling and tenderness after Morpheus8 treatment in the same area. Bruising around filler injection points may also intensify but resolve quickly.

However, we have not seen any increased occurrence of rarer issues like filler occlusion, nodules, or lumps when the two treatments are combined correctly based on our experience.

A multicenter retrospective study conducted by E.D., S.T., P.R., R.J.R., C.T.C, and S.A. evaluated the use of radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening technology, including Morpheus8, on 247 patients. The study found that 93% of patients were pleased with their results and would undergo the procedure again. The complications recorded were relatively minor and resolved without intervention.

What happens if Morpheus8 is performed on recently injected fillers?

At Good Vibe Medical, we advise patients to follow the recommended waiting period of a few weeks before undergoing Morpheus8 treatment in areas that have received recent filler injections.

Even so, if someone does receive Morpheus8 too soon after fillers, some possible effects may include:

  • More extensive swelling, redness, and tenderness lasting several days
  • Mild and temporary irregularities in filler results which usually resolve
  • Prolonged recovery time compared to Morpheus8 alone
  • Minor risk of slight filler disruption or dissipation when directly contacted

While not ideal, these impacts are temporary, and filler results typically return to normal after initial healing takes place. This highlights why proper timing and communication between your injector and RF provider is so important.

What to do before Morpheus8 treatment if you have facial fillers?

If you are interested in combining injectable facial fillers and Morpheus8 at our medspa, Good Vibe Medical recommends:

  • Disclosing your full history of filler usage, including dates and areas placed
  • Avoiding other facial treatments for 2-4 weeks before your scheduled Morpheus8
  • Staying well hydrated and using any recommended skincare to prep your skin
  • Checking with your injector and our staff about your specific treatment plan

Proper preparation and coordination with your injector help ensure your fillers have integrated and the treatment area is ready for radiofrequency exposure. 

This provides the best environment for safe, effective results from Morpheus8 following your injectables.

How far apart should Morpheus8 treatments be if you have fillers?

Our standard protocol at Good Vibe Medical is scheduling Morpheus8 sessions about 4 weeks apart for optimal results. The same general spacing of about one month between appointments can be followed even if you have existing facial fillers.

There is no need to extend the intervals between Morpheus8 treatments because of fillers, as long as they were injected first and given proper time to settle. In fact, coordinating the two treatment timelines for efficiency and convenience makes sense for many of our patients seeking combined rejuvenation.

What precautions to take if considering Morpheus8 after fillers?

If you are interested in having Morpheus8 skin tightening after facial filler injections, Good Vibe Medical suggests taking these precautions:

Following these simple precautions will help ensure your fillers and skin-tightening treatments work together safely and effectively. We can create a customized combined treatment plan catered to your unique cosmetic goals.

How does Morpheus8 differ in its impact on facial fillers compared to other treatments?

Among the various skin-tightening modalities we offer, Morpheus8 is very compatible with injectable facial fillers, far more so than many laser resurfacing or ultrasound options like Ultherapy.

The controlled RF heating of Morpheus8 is gentler than more intensive treatments like microneedling, making it a better pairing with delicate filler injections. Its ability to penetrate deeper into the subdermal layers provides enhanced collagen stimulation compared to more superficial options.

Morpheus8 is noted for its minimal downtime and long-lasting tightening results, which can persist for 3-5 years. This is significantly longer than the 1-year duration typical of Ultherapy skin tightening.

While there is always some risk in combining injectables with energy-based skin tightening, Morpheus8 checks the important boxes for safety – making it one of the best options for patients seeking these dual aesthetic effects.

Overall, Morpheus8 stands out for having a very minimal impact on dermal fillers compared to intensive laser resurfacing, deeper heating ultrasound, and microneedling treatments. 

Its precision and depth of energy delivery provide a balanced approach that makes Morpheus8 one of the best options for dual filler and skin tightening treatments.

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While individual experiences vary, the shared insights from Good Vibe Medical’s staff and patients reflect that these treatments can work very well together. Taking the proper precautions around timing, disclosure, and aftercare minimizes risks for optimal cosmetic outcomes.

If you’re ready to explore Morpheus8’s tightening and renewal benefits alongside facial rejuvenation fillers, we offer personalized consultations at Good Vibe Medical. Contact us today to get started with a custom treatment plan safely combining this treatment and other fillers.