Morpheus8 for Double Chin Reduction – Benefits, What to Expect, and More

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A double chin can make us feel self-conscious and detract from an otherwise youthful appearance. The good news is that it can be reduced and contoured non-surgically.

Read on to learn why Morpheus8 is one of the most innovative treatments available for non-surgical reduction of submental fullness and improvement in chin and neck contour.

Is a Double Chin Reversible?

In many cases, yes – having a procedure like Morpheus8 can help reverse the appearance of a double chin. Submental fullness is often caused by a combination of fat accumulation and loss of elasticity in the chin and neck skin. The former can cause a bulge beneath the chin, while the latter leads to sagging.

According to a study published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery, Morpheus8 addresses both fat and laxity in order to reverse a double chin. The RF energy heats and eliminates submental fat at the same time that it prompts skin tightening. Results are a better-defined jawline and slimmer-looking profile.

While certain genetic factors affect chin contour, a double chin can certainly be minimized and reversed with the right treatment.

How Deep Does Morpheus8 Penetrate When Targeting a Double Chin?

One of the main benefits of Morpheus8 for double chin reduction is its ability to penetrate deeply and deliver energy to the subdermal tissues – up to 4mm based on studies

According to a review titled “Transcutaneous Radiofrequency Microneedling in the Facial Plastic Surgeon’s Practice” published in the Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine journal, the microneedles of Morpheus8 can penetrate up to 4mm into the skin to target fat and fibrous tissues in areas like the submental region that cause a double chin.

This enables Morpheus8 to specifically target the deeper fat and fibrous bands in the submental and submandibular regions that cause a double chin. Heating and coagulating this tissue promotes fat melting and induces new collagen for remodeling the area under the chin and along the jawline.

Can Morpheus8 Be Used Under the Chin to Address a Double Chin?

Yes, not only can Morpheus8 be used under the chin, this is actually the ideal area to treat for improving the appearance of a double chin. The Morpheus8 applicator glides smoothly over the delicate neck area, allowing us to easily target the submental region.

The microneedles deliver RF heat directly to the culprit fat pads and loose skin for maximum double chin reduction. As the stubborn fat cells are burned away and the sagging skin becomes tightened, you’ll notice a more taut and streamlined look to your chin, jaw, and neck.

Does Morpheus8 Melt Fat in the Chin Area?

Yes, Morpheus 8 does melt fat in the chin area. In fact, it’s one of the primary mechanisms by which Morpheus8 improves a double chin. The RF energy generated by the device essentially liquefies fat cells in the treatment area. Once crystallized from the thermal heat, these cells are naturally flushed from the body and not able to regrow.

Each successive treatment leads to the additional elimination of submental fat cells, allowing for gradual improvement in chin fullness. While other treatments like Kybella chemically destroy fat cells, Morpheus8 uses a more natural approach to safely melt them away.

In addition to fat loss, the production of new collagen initiated by Morpheus8 helps further refine and recontour the chin.

Does Morpheus8 Tighten Skin in the Chin Area?

Yes, Morpheus8 tightens and lifts the skin of the chin and skin. On a microscopic level, the RF heat prompts tissue coagulation and immediate tightening through collagen fibers contracting.

It also stimulates new collagen production and skin renewal that further enhances the tone and elasticity of the skin over time.

Many of our clients notice their treatment area feels smoother and firmer right after their initial Morpheus8 session. As the regenerative benefits of the microneedling continue, the skin becomes increasingly tightened.

Jowls soften, cords diminish, and skin looks renewed and lifted along the jaw, chin, and neck. The combined effect is a slimmer profile with no sagging.

Morpheus8 for Double Chin – What to Expect

morpheus8 treatment for double chin

As experienced providers of Morpheus8, Good Vibe Medical wants our clients to understand the typical process and expectations when using this treatment to reduce a double chin:

  1. A personalized treatment plan will be created during your initial consultation. The number of sessions needed varies based on the amount of submental fat and degree of laxity that needs improvement.
  2. Our team will first apply a numbing cream to maximize your comfort. The Morpheus8 applicator glides gently over the skin, but the numbing helps manage any mild pinching or heat sensations.
  3. You can relax during the 20- to 30-minute Morpheus8 session. There is no major pain or downtime required. Some people read or check their phones during the treatment.
  4. Mild redness and temporary swelling in the treated area are normal for a couple of days following each session. Most people feel fine to return to normal activities immediately.
  5. Improvements are gradual over weeks and months as the RF energy works to smooth skin texture, melt fat pockets, and stimulate new collagen production.

For longer-lasting double chin improvement, we suggest maintenance sessions every 6 to 12 months after completing the initial treatment protocol.

Cost of Morpheus8 Treatment for Double Chin

The cost of Morpheus8 treatment for double chin is between $700 to $1500 or even less or more, depending on your location and provider. Also, the total cost of Morpheus8 treatment varies because not everyone needs the same number of sessions to get optimal results.

Good Vibe Medical offers packages that discount the price when you purchase multiple Morpheus8 treatments upfront. Compared to the cost of surgical procedures, Morpheus8 is an affordable non-invasive option for improving chin contour and tightness.

When considering cost, keep in mind you are investing in an advanced technology that delivers dramatic rejuvenation with minimal recovery time. Improved confidence in your profile is priceless. Maintaining your results with periodic maintenance treatments can also help prolong your investment.

Is Morpheus8 Better than Ultherapy for Treating a Double Chin?

While Ultherapy is safe and effective for skin tightening, the precision, fat melting capacity, and dual mechanisms of Morpheus8 typically lead to more significant enhancement of a double chin. 

Ultherapy utilizes focused ultrasound energy to target and heat the deep foundational layers of tissue and muscle under the skin. It bypasses the surface of the skin to deliver energy to depths of up to 4.5mm. The heat prompts collagen regeneration and gradual lifting and tightening over 2 to 3 months.

In contrast, Morpheus8 combines radiofrequency (RF) and microneedling to deliver energy more precisely to targeted depths. The insulated microneedles allow RF heat to be directed at specific skin depths up to 5mm below the surface. This enables precise targeting of fat and fibrous tissues to melt and eliminate double chin.

The ability to customize and control the energy delivery results in more dramatic rejuvenation in focused areas like under the chin. Morpheus8 also provides simultaneous epidermal renewal from the microneedling, leading to further improvements in skin texture and tone.

A retrospective evaluation of micro-focused ultrasound for lifting and tightening the face and neck found that Morpheus8 is effective in tightening cheek tissue, improving jawline definition, and reducing submental skin laxity.

However, your provider can advise which option may be best suited for your particular goals.

Comparison between Morpheus8 and Facetite for Double Chin Reduction

Morpheus8 requires more sessions. Still, there is minimal discomfort and no interference with normal activities after each appointment. Both Facetite and Morpheus8 offer significant double chin improvement, but the latter provides an easier treatment experience

Facetite involves the insertion of a thin internal probe under the skin, through which RF energy is delivered to heat and coagulate fat and tissue. This internal heat treatment is combined with external RF applied to the skin’s surface to promote tightening. It can achieve dramatic results in just one session.

However, Facetite does require numbing injections along with oral or IV sedation to maintain comfort during the hour-long procedure. It also necessitates about 2 weeks of recovery time as the treated area heals. There are small risks of scarring or burns from the internal probe placement.

Morpheus8 is entirely non-invasive, with microneedles delivering RF energy to the surface of the skin without any internal probes. It does not require sedation medications or extensive downtime. However, a course of 4 to 6 sessions is usually needed to complete treatment.

According to a study titled “Adjustable Depth Fractional Radiofrequency Combined With Bipolar Radiofrequency: A Minimally Invasive Combination Treatment for Skin Laxity” published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, one significant advantage of the RF microneedling treatment is the ability to directly generate heat in the subdermal adipose tissue and impact the contour of fat in this region while tightening the overlying dermis..

Morpheus8 vs Kybella – Which is Better for Double Chin Reduction?

For nonsurgical reduction of a double chin, Kybella and Morpheus8 are two of the most popular options we offer at Good Vibe Medical. But which is more effective? Here’s how these modalities compare:

Kybella is an injectable form of deoxycholic acid that permanently destroys fat cells when injected into localized areas like the double chin. It gradually smooths stubborn fat deposits but requires multiple injection sessions spaced every 4 to 6 weeks. Swelling, numbness, and mild pain can occur with each treatment.

Morpheus8 uses radiofrequency-assisted microneedling to eliminate fat cells via thermal heating, while also tightening lax skin. Multiple sessions are needed but are spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart. Downtime is minimal, with only temporary redness and swelling after each appointment.

While Kybella specifically targets fat cell destruction, Morpheus8 goes beyond fat reduction to also improve skin tone and elasticity. This can result in more comprehensive reshaping and sculpting of the chin area. Kybella can only address the fat component of a double chin.

A study conducted by a team of researchers (E.D., S.T., P.R., R.J.R., C.T.C, S.A.) from January 2013 to December 2018 in New York, Dallas, and Verona, Italy, evaluated the effectiveness of these treatments. The study found that RF has been proven effective for skin tightening and diminishing adipocytes (fat cells). The controlled heating allows for immediate tightening of the collagen structure and induction of the healing cascade over the following 3–4 months.

As experienced providers of both modalities, we find Morpheus8 generally achieves longer-lasting, smoother improvements in chin profile and contour. But schedule a tailored consultation to determine which option may be best for you. 

Improving chin definition is an art, and we specialize in the latest techniques to reveal your best you!

Here’s a table comparing three of the treatments when remedying a double chin:

TreatmentCostResultsDowntimeSide Effects
Morpheus8Ranges from $350 – $3,500 depending on the area and providerStimulates collagen production and reduces fat, resulting in a firmer, thinner chin. Results last for years.No downtimeTemporary red, shiny skin
UltherapyVaries by provider and areaTightens sagging skin tissues around the chin and neck by stimulating collagen production. Results last up to 1 year.No downtimeSome pain or discomfort
KybellaVaries by provider and areaRemoves unwanted fat deposits under the chin. Results can be seen within three months after treatmen.No downtimeCommon side effects include swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, and redness. More serious side effects can include nerve injury in the jaw causing an uneven smile, facial muscle weakness, or trouble swallowing

Achieve a More Contoured Jawline with Morpheus8

Good Vibe Medical staff

We hope this article helped explain how Morpheus8 can refine chin profile and slim a double chin. 

If a double chin makes you feel uncomfortable, Morpheus8 offers new hope. We invite you to schedule a one-on-one consultation at Good Vibe Medical. Together we’ll determine your aesthetic goals and customize a treatment plan to help you achieve your ideal chin contour.

Call or visit our website today to learn more about revealing your best self with Morpheus8. It’s time to put your best face forward!