Morpheus8 Gone Wrong? What Causes Negative Reactions and Poor Outcomes

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If you underwent Morpheus8 microneedling treatment and feel your results look unsatisfactory or not as rejuvenated as expected, you likely have burning questions about what went wrong.

While Morpheus8 can produce excellent anti-aging results when performed properly, there are inherent risks of side effects or complications if executed incorrectly.

Good Vibe Medical recommends asking your provider key questions upfront to minimize the chances of Morpheus8 going wrong. This guide will cover what to realistically expect, problems to watch for, and solutions to improve your outcome for better safety and satisfaction.

Is Morpheus8 Worth It?

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Based on our medspa’s experience, the majority of patients are highly satisfied with their Morpheus8 results. We’ve found it effective for reducing wrinkles and fine lines, tightening sagging skin, diminishing acne scars and pore size, and smoothing uneven pigment

A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that Morpheus8, which combines microneedling and radiofrequency, effectively reduced the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

One notable benefit is that Morpheus8 can be done on all skin types. However, as a medical procedure, Good Vibe Medical stresses that Morpheus8 does come with inherent risks and varying outcome success.

  • It requires a significant financial investment, with sessions ranging from $1000-$3000 on average.
  • You’ll also need multiple treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart to see optimal improvements, along with yearly maintenance visits.

When performed properly by an experienced, reputable provider, Good Vibe Medical believes Morpheus8 offers exceptional rejuvenating potential that’s worth the time and expense for many patients seeking non-invasive facial renewal.

Still, we advise carefully weighing the pros and cons based on your individual skincare needs and expectations. Your provider should thoroughly review if you’re likely to benefit prior to treatment.

How Long Do Morpheus8 Results Last?

When performed correctly, you can expect Morpheus8 results to gradually improve over three months following your treatment series as collagen regeneration occurs deep under your skin. Results are long-lasting but not considered permanent, as your natural aging process will gradually diminish collagen over time.

Most patients enjoy visible improvements in skin quality, tone, and texture for approximately 12-18 months following their final Morpheus8 session. 

However, optimal outcomes and increased longevity of your results rely on maintaining the collagen your body produces through proper skincare, sun protection, healthy lifestyle habits, and follow-up Morpheus8 maintenance visits.

Based on Good Vibe Medical’s experience, we recommend scheduling maintenance Morpheus8 sessions every 12-18 months after your initial treatment series. This helps sustain your youthful glow. Stick to following your provider’s specific advice about maintenance visits based on your individual needs and results.

What Can Go Wrong with Morpheus8 Treatment?

While mostly safe when properly performed, based on Good Vibe Medical’s experience, Morpheus8 does pose some risks as an elective medical procedure. It’s vital you select an experienced, reputable provider specifically trained in the Morpheus8 technique to minimize the chances of complications.

Some common side effects we’ve observed after treatment include redness, pinpoint bleeding, swelling, bruising, tenderness, and temporary numbness. These typically resolve within a week as part of the normal healing response. Following our medspa’s specialized aftercare protocol minimizes discomfort.

However, in rare cases, serious issues occur if the provider uses overly aggressive settings or improper techniques. This can lead to risks like burns, scarring, infection, excessive pain, bleeding, hyperpigmentation, and other lasting damage. 

Unsatisfactory results like lack of improvement or even worsened skin texture are also possible if the treatment isn’t customized and delivered effectively.

A study titled “Adverse reactions after nonablative radiofrequency: follow-up of 290 patients” provides evidence for some of these side effects. This study on 290 patients found a 2.7% incidence of second-degree burns, along with other less frequent reactions like persistent redness, scarring, edema, and neuralgia after monopolar radiofrequency treatment.

To avoid problems, Good Vibe Medical stresses the importance of consulting with a provider experienced in using the advanced Morpheus8 device. 

Always confirm they have in-depth training specifically on technique, settings, depth, and passes to use on your unique needs for the best possible outcome. Vet their qualifications thoroughly beforehand.

Has Anyone Experienced Bad Results or Morpheus8 Ruining Their Skin?

Unfortunately, yes – there have been some reports from patients who feel Morpheus8 damaged their complexion or failed to deliver the promised improvements. This negative outcome typically occurs when the provider executes the treatment improperly or too aggressively.

We’re well aware of the frustrations patients feel when expectations aren’t managed well by the provider or care isn’t personalized.

  • For example, there have been cases where excessive microneedling depth led to scarring or visible indentations on the skin.
  • The RF heat can burn skin if not calibrated correctly for the individual.
  • Insufficient numbing during the procedure may cause excruciating pain in some cases.
  • Over-treatment often leads to prolonged redness that can last for months.
  • There have even been reports of filler dissolution and lumpiness when the provider wasn’t informed of previous filler injections.

A study titled “Multimodal Radiofrequency Application for Lower Face and Neck Laxity” provides evidence that risks like burns and scarring can occur with Morpheus8, though satisfaction was generally high among patients.

Unfortunately, correcting damage caused by Morpheus8 gone wrong sometimes requires multiple corrective treatments and extensive time to provide relief.

The good news is, negative results are less common when patients thoroughly research and vet their provider’s expertise and training beforehand. But as with any cosmetic procedure, there is always some inherent risk involved.

These risks are why we always take great care to set clear, realistic expectations upfront and customize every aspect of treatment to our patients’ unique needs.

What to Do if Morpheus8 Did Not Work as Expected?

If you feel your Morpheus8 results didn’t meet your expectations, don’t panic. According to our team’s experience, the first step is giving it time, as full improvements manifest gradually over weeks as your body continually regenerates collagen. Swelling can obscure results initially.

If you’re worried, have an open discussion with your provider about your expectations versus actual outcome. Ask what additional treatment options may help improve results, whether more aggressive Morpheus8 sessions or incorporating other modalities like laser skin resurfacing. Conservative touch-up treatments are often feasible.

If they are unhelpful or you feel discomfort about their solution plan, always feel empowered to seek a second opinion from another reputable provider. Other practices may offer different remedy options. Just be sure to disclose your full treatment history.

With compassion and care from an expert provider, even patients who feel Morpheus8 fell short of expectations can usually achieve their skincare goals, whether via additional Morpheus8 at conservative settings, alternative treatments, or simply patience allowing results to manifest. Don’t lose hope. Just focus on finding the right solution for you.

Concerned About Morpheus8 Problems? Speak With Our Specialists

Good Vibe Medical staff checking the Morpheus8 device

While Morpheus8 has incredible potential for facial rejuvenation, Good Vibe Medical stresses the treatment does carry risks of unsatisfactory results if not properly executed by an experienced, reputable provider.

Do ample research beforehand to ensure your provider will personalize the treatment with appropriate settings to meet your individual needs safely.

If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a personalized Morpheus8 consultation, please contact Good Vibe Medical. Our team is always happy to advise anyone interested and has a concern about this procedure.