Morpheus8 Under Eye Treatment: An Overview

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morpheus8 under eye treatment

If the hands of time have left your under eye area looking tired and aged, Morpheus8 under eye treatment may be an excellent option for turning back the clock. 

Morpheus8 is a cutting-edge micro-needling procedure that utilizes fractional radiofrequency energy to gently remodel collagen deep within the layers of the dermis. This innovative treatment is suitable for use on the under eye area, as well as other delicate areas of the face and neck.  

Morpheus8 works by using a specialized handheld device to deliver radiofrequency energy through tiny micro-pins inserted into the dermal layers underneath the skin. This fractional treatment stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin, while also remodeling existing collagen structures

The result is a tightening and brightening effect that can reduce under eye bags, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and create an overall refreshed appearance. 

How Morpheus8 Works to Treat Under Eye Bags   

Morpheus8 is able to effectively treat under eye bags and rejuvenate the delicate under eye area through a combination of microneedling and radiofrequency energy. The handheld Morpheus8 device contains very fine microneedles that are used to safely penetrate the top layers of the skin. 

These microneedles then deliver controlled radiofrequency energy to the deeper dermal layers underneath the eyes, including the layer where collagen and elastin are produced.

The radiofrequency energy triggers a natural healing response in the deepest layers of the dermis that results in new collagen formation and the tightening of existing collagen. This process works to strengthen skin structure, tighten skin, reduce inflammation and minimize the appearance of under eye bags and wrinkles. 

The microneedle channels also create tiny perforations in the outer layer of skin to allow for better absorption of topical treatments applied after the procedure.

Morpheus8 utilizes advanced color-blind radiofrequency technology that is suitable for all skin tones. The radiofrequency energy is able to target dermal layers uniformly regardless of natural skin pigmentation or tanning. 

This makes Morpheus8 an ideal treatment for people of all skin colors and ethnicities concerned with dark circles, under eye bags or a loss of volume and firmness around the eyes.

RF Energy Advantages for Skin Treatments

One of the biggest advantages of using radiofrequency energy over other treatment modalities is that it does not actually burn or damage the outer layers of the skin. Fractionated radiofrequency gently heats the underlying tissue while keeping the surface of the skin intact. 

This allows for significant improvements with very little damage to healthy skin cells and a quick recovery with minimal side effects. The end result of Morpheus8 under eye treatment is noticeably tighter, brighter skin and a reduction in under eye bags, wrinkles and fine lines.

The minimally invasive nature of Morpheus8 also allows it to be tailored to the specific needs of each patient. Low energy settings can be used around the delicate eye area, while higher intensities may be used on the forehead, cheeks or jaw line during the same treatment session. 

This ability to customize intensity and needle depth provides safe and effective results on all areas of the face and neck. Morpheus8 under eye treatment can be performed on all skin types with minimal risks or downtime.

How Many Morpheus8 Sessions Are Needed to Treat Under Eye Bags?   

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The number of Morpheus8 sessions required to effectively treat under eye bags and restore a refreshed look depends on several factors, including the severity of your under eye concerns and your own individual skin condition. 

For mild to moderate under eye bags or dark circles, a single treatment may provide noticeable improvements, while more severe signs of aging may necessitate 2 to 3 treatments to achieve optimal rejuvenation. Most people will need between 2 to 3 sessions spaced about 2 weeks apart.

Your Morpheus8 provider will evaluate your under eyes during an initial consultation in order to determine how many treatments are right for you based on the level of collagen stimulation needed and your desired results. 

They will also consider your medical history, skin type and any other relevant factors. It is important to note that Morpheus8 is a gradual process, as new collagen production takes time. 

Some results may be visible immediately after your first treatment, but the most dramatic and natural-looking results will emerge over the course of 2 to 3 weeks as your skin responds to the fractional radiofrequency energy. 

While the total number of treatments depends on the individual, most people achieve significant and satisfying improvements to wrinkles, fine lines, under eye bags, skin laxity and tone after just 2 to 3 Morpheus8 sessions. 

The minimally invasive nature of Morpheus8, coupled with little to no downtime required between treatments, means multiple sessions can often be spaced as quickly as 2 weeks apart for a fast-tracked result. However, more time between treatments, such as 3 to 4 weeks, may allow for even better results for some patients. 

An initial Morpheus8 consultation with a qualified provider is the best way to determine a customized treatment plan based on your specific skin goals and conditions

They can evaluate your level of collagen loss and skin laxity in the under eye area and recommend the appropriate number of sessions to reclaim a youthful, well-rested appearance while ensuring natural-looking results. While the total cost will depend on the number of treatments, Morpheus8 remains an affordable option with a short recovery period and lasting improvements.

What to Expect During Each Morpheus8 Session

Morpheus8 under eye treatment sessions are relatively quick, minimally invasive procedures with virtually no downtime required after each appointment. 

A single Morpheus8 session typically takes between 20 to 60 minutes depending on the number of facial areas being treated. For under eye treatment only, you can expect a session to last around 30 to 45 minutes.

Prior to beginning the procedure, your provider will apply a topical numbing medication to the under eye area to minimize any discomfort from the microneedles. 

They will then use the handheld Morpheus8 device to deliver radiofrequency energy to the deeper dermal layers under the eyes through the microneedles. Most patients report feeling only minor pinching or heat during treatment.

No anesthetic beyond the initial numbing cream is required, and the level of sensation can be modified for your comfort level. You will remain awake but relaxed during the entire procedure. 

Your provider will apply a cooling gel pack to the area after finishing the under eye treatment to reduce any minor swelling. You are free to return to daily activities immediately following your session as there are few side effects and no recovery downtime is needed.

Some normal side effects that you may experience in the hours following a Morpheus8 session include mild redness, swelling, or tenderness around the eyes. These temporary effects are usually minor and subside naturally within 24 to 48 hours.

Cold compresses and over-the-counter pain medication can help reduce any discomfort during this period. It is normal for the under eye area to feel slightly tight as the radiofrequency energy works to stimulate collagen production deep within the dermis. 

While Morpheus8 requires multiple sessions to achieve optimal results, single treatments are spaced 2 weeks apart for best outcomes and quick improvements. 

This short interval between appointments, combined with no downtime needed after each session, makes Morpheus8 an easy procedure to fit into busy schedules and daily lives. 

After 2 to 3 treatments, dramatic yet natural-looking reductions in under eye bags and rejuvenation can be apparent as new collagen strengthens the structure of the delicate under eye skin.

Morpheus8 under eye treatments provide a convenient and affordable solution for tackling signs of aging around the eyes without invasive surgeries or lasers. Using advanced radiofrequency technology, Morpheus8 is able to gently stimulate collagen production for gradual but lasting improvements in skin firmness, brightness and tone.

Combining Morpheus8 with Other Treatments

Morpheus8 under eye treatment works well as a standalone procedure for improving skin quality, reducing wrinkles and tightening the delicate area around the eyes. 

However, for some people Morpheus8 can be combined with other non-invasive or minimally invasive cosmetic treatments to achieve optimal and customized anti-aging results. The effectiveness and safety of Morpheus8 allows it to be used in combination with a variety of other modalities.

For under eye bags caused by volume loss and hollowing rather than skin laxity alone, Morpheus8 can be combined with hyaluronic acid fillers. Dermal fillers add volume under the eyes to minimize the appearance of dark circles and create a smooth contour from under eyes to cheeks. 

Morpheus8 can improve skin firmness and further reduce the appearance of fine lines around filler injection sites. The two treatments used together yield natural-looking results that last longer than either treatment alone.

Morpheus8 may also be used in combination with neuromodulators such as Botox to relax dynamic wrinkles around the eyes while tightening and rejuvenating the under eye area. 

The effects of Morpheus8 and fillers can be further enhanced with laser or light-based treatments which boost collagen production and target skin pigmentation for a brighter, even skin tone. For significantly sun-aged or damaged skin, Morpheus8 could also follow facials, chemical peels or microdermabrasion.

Because Morpheus8 utilizes fractionated radiofrequency energy to heat dermal layers through microneedle channels, it provides superior skin tightening and rejuvenation that remains safe to combine with many other aesthetic procedures. 

However, as with any cosmetic treatment, there are risks involved with combining different modalities. It is important to discuss your options with a board-certified cosmetic provider to determine the most suitable and effective combination of treatments based on your unique skin concerns and desired outcome.

When performed by a qualified provider, Morpheus8 can be safely combined with fillers, neuromodulators, laser treatments and minor surgical procedures for total facial rejuvenation with natural-looking results. 

The specific combination of treatments, and the timeline in which they are performed, should be based on a comprehensive consultation to ensure both safety and skin health. In many cases, Morpheus8 and other injections or light therapies may be used during the same appointment to maximize and expedite your cosmetic results. 

But individual recovery times and the risk of side effects with combined treatments must always be considered by an experienced provider.

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